New Mexico Man Shoots Officer, Leads To Call Of SWAT Team As Backup

new-mexico-man-shoots-officer-leads-to-call-of-swat-team-as-backupIn Albuquerque, New Mexico, on Wednesday night, a man shot and wounded a police officer and then takes a shelter by barricading himself from other police officers, as the authorities saw the situation going out of their hands, they called in for a SWAT team.

The whole scenario was based upon a 911 emergency call to report domestic violence, and the police officers who encountered the situation first hand just went into the house for domestic violence lookout. No one knew the situation would go out of their hands, and the SWAT team has to call in for taking action to the next level.

It seems like the after the suspect shot and wounded one of the police officers who went in to look for the domestic violence call. And, then he went to take a shelter which allowed him to barricade himself inside the house and the police force was not able to invade the premises.

Since the situation went out of the hand, the authorities have decided to call in a SWAT team to handle the situation which makes them to setup and perimeter around the house’s region. Thus the house is surrendered by police and SWAT, and some officers are trying to negotiate with the person, who is inside the house, and the police have still not identified the person, or it might be the person’s identity was not disclosed to the media.

The wounded officer has been admitted to the hospital, and he is alright now, as the wound was not life-threatening.

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