New Release Radio from Google Play Music’s is available for all users

new-release-radio-from-google-play-musics-is-available-for-all-usersGoogle has announced officially New Release Radio, a Google Play Music station providing users with a selection of new songs they may like on their listening history. The feature is out in the wild for over a month and it was positioned as exclusive originally for Samsung users.

Now, Google is saying it was “gathering feedback” from the Samsung users before it was rolled out officially to everyone, but the screenshots we saw on Reddit last month from users clearly called it a “Samsung exclusive” feature. Oddly enough, Reddit discovered quickly a work for people who did not have Samsung phones to try the station and it began working on iPhone with no fuss.

It is not clear if this was the plan or if Samsung and Google change the course after the rollout in June of New Release Radio and now Google will update this post.

Regardless of these facts, people are pleased to see the New Release Radio available for all Google Play Music users. This is a smart addition to the service matching up with some features of the new music discovery such as Spotify and Apple Music has offered for a while. Now it may be a shame if this feature is available only for the Samsung owners to use it. The jury is out on whether the New Release Radio is a real good as Discovery Weekly; instead it would also be pretty much useful to anyone using Google Play Music to enjoy giving a spin to this new station.

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