Oklahoma Air Force Office Bombing Case: Man Accused Ordered To Evaluate Mental Illness By Authorities

oklahoma-air-force-office-bombing-case-man-accused-ordered-to-evaluate-mental-illness-by-authoritiesIn Tulsa, Oklahoma, on Friday, a court magistrate ordered the man who charged in state air force recruiting office bombing case to get checked for any mental problem, which will take some days to evaluate by the officials, says a court official.

According to the report, the name of the accused is Benjamin Roden who is a 28-year old man, now spending time in prison, who was charged with exploding a pipe bomb in front of the air force recruiting office which was in Tulsa suburban.

The incident took place on late Monday outside the military recruitment office, where Roden explodes a bomb, and now it is said that he might be mentally ill to do the deed he just did on Monday, which could take lives and he did some panicked situation in the area for a while.

After the first day at court, the US Magistrate Frank McCarthy has decided to look into his case thoroughly, which prompt McCarthy to decide for Roden a mental checkup to ensure if he is suffering from any mental decline or he is acting, and proceed with the court session. It also has been known that Roden was a serviceman, but it also is known that he hated military the most.

It is said if the tests on Roden prove that he is not mentally stable then the case against him might be dropped, as he will be incompetent to continue with the trail, and if it’s been proved that he’s faking, and then he’ll get more fraud charges.

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