Artificial sweeteners associated to weight gain, says studies

artificial-sweeteners-associated-to-weight-gain-says-studiesConsuming sugar too much is linked to obesity, diabetes and high blood pressure. And people watching their weight choose artificial sweeteners as to fight back, and the products such as aspartame, sucralose and steviocide (brand names: Equal, Splenda and Stevia, respectively) are taken.

But in The Canadian Medical Association Journal, a new analysis of studies looked at the heart health long-term, weight, stroke incidence and blood pressure levels in over 406,000 people who agreed of using artificial sweeteners replacing sugar and found the effects were not positive.

The study authors found “Consumption of non-nutritive sweeteners to be associated with long-term modest weight gain in observational studies”. “Our results extend earlier meta-analyses showing higher risks of hypertension and Type 2 diabetes with regular consumption.”

The studies was done on 30 people and they reviewed people in groups using artificial sweeteners and the researchers found the people using these artificial sweeteners routinely acquire weight and also had higher risks of high blood pressure, obesity and stroke.

People considering to lose weight in the short term received no benefit and the studies review also showed no consistency in the weight loss even after six months.

Dr. Jennifer Ashton, ABC News’ chief women’s health correspondent, explained that any sweetener may boost the same response from the brain, contributing to the long-term issues.
The study highlights the fact that the artificial sweeteners associationcontributes to increasing waistlines and also brings in overall eating habits a change.

In fact, Ashton recommends peoplehaving a sweet tooth to reduce their intake of sugar andto do it slowly.

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