Mother warns about the hazards of exposing newborn to human contact

mother-warns-about-the-hazards-of-exposing-newborn-to-human-contactIowa newlyweds are hoping their nearly 3-week-old daughter survives as she has contracted a deadly virus that was believed to be a simple kiss.

Nicole and Shane Sifrit welcomed on July 1 baby Mariana. A week later — two hours after the wedding of the couple’s, they noticed the girl was not eating and also did not wake up and they could not get her to respond.

“Within two hours, she quit breathing, and her organs began to fail,” Nicole Sifrit told CNN affiliate WHO.

Mariana’s parents are clinging to hope she battles meningitis that is life-threatening.

According to WHO, the couple left their wedding early to take Mariana to Blank Children’s Hospital in Des Moines, and here they learned the baby had contracted meningitis HSV-1, caused by herpes virus , the virus that causes cold sores.

Herpes meningitis is caused by bacteria, fungi or other germs types and it can get spread through sexual contact or from a woman to her baby during childbirth, according to Johns Hopkins Medicine.

Mariana’s parents tested negative for the virus, and said it could have come from others who visited the child.

“They touch her, and the baby touches her mouth with her hand,” Sifrit explained. It is not easy to pinpoint exactly how Mariana caught the virus, but she wished people to know that people must be cautious when they let anyone handle their babies.

“The first two months after a child is born is very critical, and virus can rapidly spread causing serious illness in newborns,” she said. This is why parents need to be careful during the initial months.

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