ISIS Has Been Dismantle But Not Dead, As Its Leader Flee Region To Gather Strength

isis-has-been-dismantle-but-not-dead-as-its-leader-flee-region-to-gather-strengthIn Aspen, Colorado, the US-led coalition forces are indeed winning the war, as several thousands of ISIS militants are dead now, and leaving their regions to rip apart by opposing forces while remaining are living scattered in the region of Iraq and Syria.

Though the terrorist organization has been dismantling, all the places coalition troops have to discourage their strongholds, but its leader is still out of sight, as it is said the leader flee the region in time to gather more strength, says a key US military official.

According to a statement released by Gen. Tony Thomas, who mentioned in his speech that the coalition forces might have declared their win over ISIS in Iraq and Syria, but their leader Abu Bakr al Baghdadi is still at large. Gen.

Thomas also said that Baghdadi’s second lines of generals are all now dead, which seems he is out of ammo to keep up the war against the coalition forces. But, now he has fled the area that is thought to have gone underground to gather more strength to continue the fight.

Till now, an estimation made by the US general, around 70,000 jihadi fighters have been killed by the coalition forces, along with that there were many other accusations were made by the coalition force, which includes the killing of Baghdadi’s right hand Abu Sayyaf.

It is said Sayyaf’s wife after her capture gave information about all the wealth that was controlled by him in order to support Baghdadi and its forces.

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