Young Girl Attacked By Large Fish At Minnesota Lake Leaves Big Scar On Leg

young-girl-attacked-by-large-fish-at-minnesota-lake-leaves-big-scar-on-legIn Duluth, Minnesota, as of Friday, a local girl was recovering at her home; after her leg suffered a fish attack which left large cuts on her left leg, which made her, suffer a lot at the hospital.

As per the report, posted by local media, where it was known an 11-year old girl named Maren Kesselhon was onboard a paddle board with her family at Island Lake, which lies 20 miles of Duluth.

Maren had dangled her both legs from the paddle boat when a creature from deep under the water grabbed her left foot and started to drag her into the water. After few seconds, the creature which is assumed to be a Muskie fish left the foot as the girl kicked it with her other foot and ran away.

Ryan Kesselhon, the father of Maren, who was present at the boat, and when the incident occurred he get to hold the girl, who already lead her foot free. And, it was a shocking thing observed by all present on the boat that Maren got several deep cuts on her left foot, more than a dozen cuts as it leaves the foot torn open with its sharp teeth.

Kesselhon is not sure, if the lake’s creature was a fish or not, but it was the little girl, Maren, who figure it out that the attacker was a fish, when she was kicking it with her another foot she figured that out. They came to know it was a Muskie, as it’s the largest sized fish found mostly in the lake.

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