Google brings to Android Motion Stills

google-brings-to-android-motion-stillsAfter a full year of launching on iOS, Google’s Motion Stills app has arrived on Android, but is in a different form completely.

Motion Stills on iOS is supposed to be an easy way to turn the iPhone’s Live Photos into GIFs shareable and it is really great at that. But Android has no Live Photos, so the new Motion Stills is merely a camera app that exports GIFs.

The app can now take two different f shots. The first, that Google calls a “motion still,” is merely a three second video loop. It is puzzling, as it seems to be an alternative to Live Photos and the beauty is that it also records the footage for the same length. But actually there is no photo involved. It is weird as the feature is known “motion still,” and there is no still, only motion.

The second shot type is known as “fast forward,” and it is more interesting. Basically, it is a Google-made alternative to Instagram’s Hyperlapse app that is never brought to Android. Identical as Hyperlapse, Google’s fast forward mode allows recording a video then it automatically stabilizes the video and can speed it up to eight times in comparison to the original speed. You also can keep changing the speed of the fast forward even after the video is shot and saved, whereas Instagram’s app offers you only one chance to choose the speed of a video.

Google’s option works well enough, though it takes a minute for the app to process a video. Its stabilization is not great at lower speeds, though faster motion hides the jumpiness.

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