Interested in being Batman? Warner Bros’ might be looking for you

interested-in-being-batman-warner-bros-might-be-looking-for-youWorried about how “Bat-fleck” might turn out? If recent reports are to be believed, there could be greater questions. A source said changesare to be expected in the upcoming DC movies. At the moment, Ben Affleck is out promoting the Justice League movie and Warners’ film studios are equally happy with his performance. However, he probably won’t be donning the cowl for long.

There is no reason that can be pinpointed and we are still clutching at straws. But changes are expected and the upcoming DC films will address these changes in one form or another. From what we know, Affleck will not be directing the upcoming Batman movie. Recently, Reeves is alleged to have dropped the script written by Affleck since he has a Batman trilogy in mind. Due to his successful involvement with the “Planet of the Apes” franchise, Warners’ will want him to accomplish this. If this happens, Affleck would be in his mid-50s when it beginsmaking it a dicey gamble.

There are a few roads from here. Affleck might pass the cowl to someone else (please let it be Dick Grayson). Maybe Warners’ would like a reboot (A certain Marvel web-slinger comes to mind). They could have two actors playing the Batman, Affleck in JL movies and someone else in the actual Batman movies, though this would be a stretch. Maybe we would see “Batman Beyond” where Bruce Wayne mentors young Terry McGinnis. But how audience would react to Batman not being Bruce Wayne is debatable. One thing is certain. The next DC films must offer more than proper execution.

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