Popular Herbal Supplement is Harmful to Kids

popular-herbal-supplement-is-harmful-to-kidsChildren are poisoned by a dietary supplement that adults use for sexual enhancement, report warns.


In a report published online Monday, researchers pointed out yohimbe tree bark extract as the latest dangerous substances that children are ingesting accidentally. Yohimbe exposure has largest proportion of serious outcome and is found to cause changes in the heart beat rhythm and may cause kidney failure in children.


Yohimbe is an evergreen tree name found in parts of central and western Africa. The yohimbe bark contains a chemical known as yohimbe that is used to make medicine. For centuries, yohimbe is used in Africa to treat fever and leprosy or even an aphrodisiac, but now its popular use is to treat erectile dysfunction in men and low libido in women, even though there is very little evidence that it works.


The dried bark of Yohimbe tree as a dietary supplement is available in capsule and tablets forms, besides in tea. The dose range is that you take too little and there is no work and on taking too much, it is toxic, that using this herb is not recommended. The Food and Drug Administration has received reports of kidney failure and seizures associated with yohimbe consumption.


Even “safe” dosages may lead to nausea, insomnia, dizziness, anxiety, a rise in blood pressure, and rapid heartbeat. Overdose is fatal. However, the internet claims great results in the bedroom; however, there are several other FDA-approved medications for ED, such as Viagra or Cialis that are safer and more effective.

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