Few Verizon users complain throttle of Netflix streams

few-verizon-users-complain-throttle-of-netflix-streamsFew Verizon wireless subscribers complain the data speeds in their mobile is limited as they try streaming videos on YouTube or Netflix.

Users on Reddit and mobile-focused Howard Forums say they have observed the speed cap. The Verge reported on the complaints.

However, Verizon users are reporting the speed to be slower-than-advertised speeds as they stream Netflix and YouTube. Many report it to have maximum internet speeds around 10 Mbps on using these two sites over their mobile data network.

These same users say receive normal, faster download speeds Verizon advertises as they connect to other apps and websites.

In Netflix’s case, people who have noticed this change are using an internet speed test tool known as Fast.com. It directly connects to Netflix’s servers, and thus works as a barometer for Netflix speeds, but the speeds are said to be slower than those found using tools such as Ookla’s Speedtest.net, measuring overall internet speeds.

Various users say their Netflix speeds are faster as they connect through a VPN, and it circumvents a direct connection to Verizon itself.

Netflix throttled previously the video speeds on mobile networks aiming to provide acceptable video quality without compelling the users on their monthly data caps. Netflix said it has nothing to do with slower speeds that some Verizon users are reporting.

“We assure we are not capping data on our end or do not cap data for any mobile network,” a Netflix spokesperson told Business Insider in an email.

Verizon, acknowledged it is been doing “network testing”, though it said consumers’ “video experience” will not get affected. A Verizon spokesperson said to Business Insider in an email:

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