Iranian President Said If Us Missile Law Passes, Then Iran Will Respond

iranian-president-said-if-us-missile-law-passes-then-iran-will-respondIn Tehran, Iran, on Wednesday, the Iranian President Hassan Rouhani have cleared that if the US legislation imposed its new laws on missiles, then Iran will also impose its ballistic missile program on a large scale.

The verbal retaliation erupted after the US House of Representatives has passed the particular missile bill on this Tuesday, and now it waits in the Senate for the verdict, which was warned by the Iranian president.

The report termed as verbal retaliation that was said by the President Hassan Rouhani, which is set for the American government if it passes the missile bills, and there is also a vow from Rouhani-side that his country will take any levels of necessary steps for the country’s interest.

Before the passing of the particular bill, many experts believe that Iran might retaliate to it, and it does but verbally with a plan to fortify its ballistic missile program. This might take a turn because the country has its ballistic programs that are not exactly capable, and they are in need to fortify their missile strength to be vigilant.

Rouhani claims that Iran will improve its defensive nature without any concern of other countries, and be vigilant against the odd are not an offensive nature much like other countries (by targeting the US).

The new bars against the Iranians which are imposed by the US in the bill, now making the Iranian government more anger than it was ever, which following the list of countries to enter the US.

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