Car Crash Responding Officer Was Fatally Shot In Indiana

car-crash-responding-officer-was-fatally-shot-in-indianaIn Indianapolis, on Thursday, a police officer went in to check for a car crash which was reported to 911, and he was nearby thus dispatcher asked him to look for the incident, and it instead took his life, after he got shot multiple times near the crash site. Later the other police officials have taken two people from more in their custody as suspects, while several witnesses have reported that they have heard several gun shots, which indecently shot at the slain officer.

The Southport Police Department’s spokesperson revealed the identity of the officer as Lt. Aaron Allan. It was also come to notice that the man was one of the heavily decorated officers in the police department, and even on 2015, Allan even won the police officer of the year. On Thursday, he was reporting a car crash in the southern area in the Marion County where he got shot several times.

Though at first it was reported to the media that Allan was all alone, in reality, he was accompanied by another officer, who was from the Homecroft Police Department, where the incident took place exactly. There were two occupants of the car, who sent up and started shooting at both the officers, and all the bullets were fired on Allan, and while he was taken to the hospital, he was pronounced dead.

The other officer took a hide to avoid the bullets, and calling others for backup, while Allan keeping the shooters busy, and incidentally got killed.

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