Texas Man Smashed Police Car With Ax, Now Ended Up In Jail, Says Police

texas-man-smashed-police-car-with-ax-now-ended-up-in-jail-says-policeIn Keene, Texas, a local man got arrested by the city police after he went out of control and destroyed several police vehicles with the help of an ax, which was a deadly one, said by one of the several police officials who lost one of their cars. Even the man left the ax on one of the last cars he tried to vandalize, but instead, due to some means, he left the weapon when it was attached to the car’s windshield.

As per the police report, who have mentioned the name of the main accused, whose name is Jeassy Bobby Cruz, a 31-year old man from Keene is now in the custody of police after he did the incident which took place on Wednesday lately.

Cruz didn’t just destroy the police cars only one time; instead, he has done the deed more than one time, and in the last few weeks he has continued his deeds of destroying the vehicles. The police have Cruz with more than one charge which includes slamming of the windshields, its emergency lights and even several parts of the vehicle’s body.

After a brief medical test, it was shown that Cruz has some mental illness, for which he was used to taking some medications, but sometimes it revoked and made him rage his anger against police vehicles.

Cruz was arrested on Wednesday itself when he tried to attack a cruiser, which prompts the officer who was nearby and called for backup and caught the man.

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