Honolulu considers it illegal to cross a street viewing a mobile device

honolulu-considers-it-illegal-to-cross-a-street-viewing-a-mobile-deviceCrossing street in Honolulu indicates to look both ways and not the text your best friend sent just now.

The city has approved a law for pedestrians that crossing highway or a street viewing a mobile device as illegal. This law also covers pagers, video games, laptops and the omnipresent Smartphone’s.

The law will be into effect from 25 October, giving police enough time to explain people the situation who are unable to take off their eyes from that tiny screen in their hands.

The law is required as the pedestrians are distracted and owing to this many seniors are getting hit in crosswalks by vehicles, said Honolulu Mayor Kirk Caldwell, signing a bill at one of the busiest intersections in the city.

The mayor said, “Sometimes I wish there were laws we did not have to pass, that and common sense would prevail,” but the mayor also said. “But sometimes we lack common sense.”

To put this into effect, police must observe people looking at their device to arrest them. The fines for the first offense will be $15 to $35 and for the second offense it is $35 to $75 and for the third it is $75 to $99.

Almost all the states have a law against texting while driving, but it appears that Honolulu will be the first major city in the United States to go after pedestrians using hand-held devices, said Caldwell.

Honolulu’s concerns may be supported by the Safety Associations that reported increase in the number of fatalities and one of the possible reasons is “distraction due to the use of smartphone technology.”

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