Man Presumed To Be Kidnapped, Found Dead During Manhunt

man-presumed-to-be-kidnapped-found-dead-during-manhuntIn Ashville, North Carolina, the police authorities have suspected that a man who is known to have kidnapped an older adult, thus they have launched a manhunt to find the kidnapped man, but eventually discovered the dead body of the kidnapped person. The authorities have said the manhunt was conducted for over five days, and on the sixth day the body has been found by the police.

According to local news reports, the identity of the kidnapped person is said to be a 68-year old man named Thomas Bryson, whose body was found in a corn field in the Arden on this Sunday around night time by a member of the Skyland Fire and Rescue Department.

The police authorities also captured a person who is known as Philip Michael Stroupe II, who was found to be driving Bryson’s vehicle when the police officials are on a manhunt to find the victim. The day was Thursday when the police arrested Stroupe and lead to the closed section of the Pisgah National Forest for a sign of Bryson till on Sunday, which was done after the officials have interrogated Stroupe.

Bryson was kidnapped on Wednesday, but how did he got apprehended is still unknown to the police officials, though after the postmortem report the officials might have some clue on what condition he was kept in, by his kidnappers.

On the other hand, the Henderson County Sheriff Charles McDonald mentioned in his press conference, Stroupe might face murder charges, which will happen within the next month.

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