Maryland Police Discover Woman’s Body Buried On Beach

maryland-police-discover-womans-body-buried-on-beachIn Ocean City, Maryland, on Tuesday morning, police officials found a female body who was buried on the beach under the sand in an abnormal manner, as it was said that the woman’s arm was flashing above the sand which rushed the police to discover the body.

According to the report released by the Ocean City police spokeswoman, Lindsey Richard, where they have said that several beachgoers have discovered the body of a woman whose one arm was only visible above the sand, otherwise, she was entirely buried under sand. The Ocean City police officials went on to the area and recovered the body which was buried on the beach, and they took the body while placing the place under investigation.

Later the police came to know about the identity of the woman who is a 30-year old woman, named Ashley O’Connor, and she hailed from the Texas town of Plano.

Richard also mentioned that only one of her arm was visible above the sand, and after the body was recovered, her identity was found, and now the body of O’Connor is waiting for the Office of the Chief Medical Examiner who will determine the cause of death.

On the other hand, the investigation team discovered that O’Connor got separated from her family on Tuesday around 2 o’clock in the morning, which also seems that her death is caused by accident, but how did she got separated was not mentioned.

The investigation will continue until any proper solutions mentioned from the medical examiner’s office.

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