Carbon Dioxide may take away nutrition from the crops risking millions of lives

carbon-dioxide-may-take-away-nutrition-from-the-crops-risking-millions-of-livesSoaring CO2 levels could have an unanticipated effect on the food crops causing a downfall in key nutrients. This could make more people at the risk of malnutrition. A 2014 study reveals that the presence of higher levels of CO2 in the atmosphere could be the cause for less content of protein, iron and zinc content of rice, wheat, peas and other food crops.

Myers and his colleagues wanted to gauge the profound effect of changes on the people around the world. Or this they a devised a new way by building a database of people that gave details of what the people in each country ate and the content of nutrients of those foods. The database entails “per capita consumption of 225 foods for 152 different countries.” It also signifies the variance of diet in each country based on age and gender.

This exercise allowed them to compute those people who aren’t getting sufficient nutrients. They could ascertain the changes in the protein and iron content of their diets through 2050. One study produced conjectured the fall in the protein content of the food crop which may put 150 million people deficient in Protein by 2050. Another study revealed that the obtainable dietary iron supply could go down in high risk region.

The UN food and agriculture organization states that Wheat and Rice are not very high sources of protein but nearly three-quarters of the world’s population uses these two crops as “primary protein sources.”

Therefore depletion in Protein in these crops can lead to severe health issues mainly for poor people in low income countries.

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