Panamanian Former President’s Extradition Hearing Set In Miami Court

panamanian-former-presidents-extradition-hearing-set-in-miami-courtIn Miami, Florida, the ex-president of Panama, who have charged with political espionage back in his country, is set for an extradition hearing that is set in a Miami court to send him back to Panama.

The name of the former Panamanian president is Ricardo Martinelli, who is 65-year old now, and since the allegation against him of espionage, he has been battling the charges for quite sometimes as for now. Thus, a federal magistrate judge will decide on Thursday hearing whether he will send back to the Republic of Panama to proceed with the formal trial in his country or to retain in the United States.

Ricardo Martinelli was the president of Panama from the year 2009 to 2014. During the time Martinelli was the president of Panama, he has done much espionage against many people back in his country, whereas, those espionage charges were because of illegally monitoring conversation over phones for as less as 150 people.

These charges were termed as extensive surveillance systems which were created by him with the country’s public funds, and thus after his regime, he was accused. Back in December 2015, Martinelli was supposed to appear in a court to stand against the charges in a court, but he missed the hearing and asked the US for asylum.

After more than a year of conversation between Panama and the US, the ex-president was finally arrested by the US authorities, and the verdict will decide whether he’ll stay or send back to Panama to face his charges.

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