President Trump manifests a parallel side of his Presidency

president-trump-manifests-a-parallel-side-of-his-presidencyPresident Trump believes in a transparent democracy. He was giving a speech in Ohio where he focused on various issues. He made people aware of position he is holding in the office and what responsibilities he has as a President towards his people. He confronted the challenges he is facing and condemned the fake news filter which is bent upon maligning his image.

President Trump said that his administration is working hard to evict the gang members and illegal immigrants out of the country. Trump also acclaimed the Senate for taking up the procedural vote and expressed that this will help deliver sizeable health care for the American people. He also said that his administration is working towards the most substantial tax cut in the history of America. These tax cuts are going to benefit the American economy tremendously. He also reiterated that he is going to spend $1 trillion dollars on infrastructure which includes roads, bridges etc. However, the bills are yet to be introduced.

He also emphasized the fact that he will replenish lost manufacturing jobs by new ones. He looked comfortable in his seat while addressing a crowd of 7000 people.  He was very far from the issues like the Russian investigation and other troublesome issues that have been responsible for lowest job approval rating.

Trump accused the media by saying that they portray fake news, he underlined Trump administration’s achievements and said that the media does not want to write about that.

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