Land Rover’s brand new Range Rover Velar

land-rovers-brand-new-range-rover-velarThe moment you’ve been waiting for is here now.  Land Rover has officially announced the 4th SUV in the Range Rover family, the stunning Velar which starts from around $41,000, and the Sport that can be owned from $65,000 and upwards.

A British Design Director for Land Rover, McGovern said “We call the Velar the avant-garde Range Rover. It brings a new dimension of attraction, coolness, and sophistication to the brand. The Range Rover Velar changes everything.”

Land Rover has always kept their interiors moderate and simple. The new Velar “fills the white space” between the Evoque and the Range Rover Sport and will feature typically energetic Range Rover designing.

The car is very flat-looking. Most of the Velar’s body (about 80%) is built from aluminum.

The Velar’s exterior is very simple, composed of flat panels and subtle lines that give it a pleasant, voluptuous,appearance than the Range Rover Evoque while retaining the large road presence of a spot.There will five engine options for the Velar all of which will be aired with an 8-speed ZF automatic transmission. Velar also includes Land Rover’s Terrain Response System (TRS), which works its magic depending on whether you’re driving across rocks, snow, sand, mud or sealed roads.

Other efficient features including a heads-up display for the driver that shows speed (and local speed limits), adaptive cruise control, and parking assist systems. It contains many influential features.

This, the fourth Range Rover model, fits between the Evoque and Range Rover Sport in size and price.

It features the most instinctive and advanced integrated technology to ensure you can make the most of your journey.

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