Anonymous Feedback App will replace friends soon

anonymous-feedback-app-will-replace-friends-soonThe iOS App store has a new app and is called Sarahah. It has been on the apex of iTunes Free Apps chart for a few weeks now. It is an undesignated messaging service for individual response. You can leave notations for users keeping your identity a secret.

This service has grown so rapidly that it has raised parent’s eyebrows that it will become an online haven for bullying especially as it is popular with teenagers and young adults. But the question remains as to why are these anonymous apps so popular and what can apps like Sarahah do to keep the trolls away.

Sarahah was first conceived by Zain al-AbidinTawfiq. He is a systems analyst who initially launched this as a way for employees to give feedback to their employers without fear of penalty. He kept the name of this app Sarahahas it resonates to honesty.

This anonymous feedback helps in advance communications and aid in the development of the people and work towards betterment of the organization. It was released to the people in November 2016 especially in countries like Lebanon, Tunisia and Egypt. Tawfiq released the app version of Sarahah on iOS and Android in June 2017.

Word of mouth spiraled teenagers in English speaking countries like Canada, US and Australia to use this app. This prompted them to post links to their Sarahah profiles on Instagram to entice reaction. What really instigated the use of this app was when Snapchat upgraded its app in July that permitted addition of links to images. Teens linked to their Sarahah profiles in their Snaps, and voilà, a viral hit was born.

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