NASA Carrying “Voyager’s Golden Record” For Internet Users to Share Messages for Voyagers

nasa-carrying-voyagers-golden-record-for-internet-users-to-share-messages-forvoyagersNASA is celebrating the 40 years anniversary of Voyagers’ mission of exploring space probe. So, as the event approaches, NASA carried out a “Voyager’s Golden Record” campaign by inviting people to share their messages on social media for the voyager’s spacecraft using the hashtag #MessageToVoyager.

These messages will get filtered with respect to public vote and voyager team. One of these messages will be selected to beam into the interstellar space probe on 5th September 2017, the event of 40th anniversary of voyager 1 spacecraft’s launch.

The messages and suggestions are seeking by NASA space agency via Twitter, Instagram and Facebook, limiting off the character length 60. The entry date of suggestions is closing on Tuesday.

At the end of collecting all posts shared by public for NASA, the people will be allowed to vote for which message should be sent to space probe.

Voyager 1 was launched on 15th September, 1977. It is the first man-made spacecraft, which entered the interstellar space. According to scientists, this spacecraft is expected to be the first evidence of humanity to find an alien civilization.

It was all confirmed in late 2013, that Voyager 1 had finally entered the interstellar space in August 2012.Comparatively, Voyager 2 is bit slower as it was launched two weeks early than Voyager 1, as on August 20, 1977. Voyager 2 is expected to reach the interstellar space in late 2019 or early 2020.

With the help of observation reports by the scientists, it is said that Voyager 1 will meet the mysterious Oort cloud by 300 years from now. On other side, Voyager 2 will reach the star ‘Rose 248’ in 40000 years. With no disturbance happened to Voyager 2, it will come closer to the brightest star in the sky ‘Sirius’ in around 296000 years.

These two explorers are the most epic astronomical adventures of human are heading on their remarkable journey into galaxy.

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