How are Walnuts helpful for Effective Weight Loss? – Study

Walnuts can help to reduce the risk of obesity and diabetes because it contains rich omega-3 fatty acids and other substances.

According to a new study consuming walnuts activates an area of the brain associated with regulating hunger and longing for food.

The researchers recruited a small group of participants with obesity to live in BIDMC’s Clinical Research Centre (CRC) for two five-day periods.

Volunteers ate daily smoothies containing 48 grams of walnuts, during one session. After that, they received a walnut free but nutritionally comparable placebo smoothie, flavored to taste exactly the same as the walnut-containing smoothie on another stay.

Participants noted feeling less hungry during the week they consumed walnut-containing smoothies than during the week they were given the placebo smoothies says previous observational studies.

This is powerful measure according to Christos Mantzoros, Professor of Medicine at Harvard Medical School. They found that while volunteers eating walnuts, some part of their brain lights up and they know that is connected with they are telling about feeling less hungry or fuller.

However, this area of the brain is likely involved in cognitive control meaning that participants were paying more attention to food choices and selecting the less usable or beneficial options over the highly usable or less beneficial options.

Walnuts can change the way our brains view food and impact our hunger. So, the results confirmed the current recommendations to include walnuts as part of a healthy diet.

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