Assessing our corps would be a thoughtless affair says US military chief in Pacific

Harris said that discernment is in the eyes of the beholder and I wish that we won’t be tested on the perception that we had a difficulty with USS John McCain and three other means. That would be a very foolhardy thing to do. These remarks came amid sustained tensions on the Korean Peninsula. At the same time Washington and Pyongyang were exchanging euphuism andbattling threats. Spectators are worried that a faux pas on either side could have significant outcomes.

The Ulchi Freedom Guardian exercises, joint military drills between the US and South Korea that both sides say are shielding in nature but catch the wrath of the North Korean regime, who view them as exercise for an final annexation.

Harris said he had faith that McCain’s disagreement would not transform the US military’s capacity to protect the Korean Peninsula and America’s attentiveness in the territory.

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