Your Smartphone Can Be a Special Tool Kit to Enjoy the Great American Solar Eclipse

Now, the Great American Solar Eclipse can be enjoyed using a smartphone with the Solar Eclipse Timer application.The traffic congestion and weather forecasting applications can navigate the smartphone users to proper guidance to experience the spectacle.

This application is like a ‘mobile astronomy’, which allows the smartphone to forecast the cloud cover and eclipse spoiling.With nicely directing the users to the sunny atmosphere, the application will capture the events of solar eclipse and the precious moments of user’s reaction.

In addition to the features of this application, it can speak to the users by telling them when to look for the solar eclipse and what the moment should be looked for, when to cover eyes with special essential filters to protect them from serious eye damage and blindness and when to remove the protections and enjoy the great spectacle with naked eyes.

There are various free or paid Eclipse Safari applicationswhich are essential on 21 August, 2017, such as Star Walk 2,SkySafari 5and Stellarium Mobile. iCSC: Clear Sky Chart for iOS and Clear Sky Droid for Android are the most popular free applications which let the users to select proper weather station from North America. Also,the unique Solar Eclipse Timer application is released by Gordon Telepun for iOS and Android.

The Great Solar Eclipse is the ‘Once in Life’ experience, and the people who are planning to enjoy this moment should have the application which provides all the circumstances of the solar eclipse. The proper application should be downloaded which tells the exact time of the moon when it will meet the sun by partially covering it and then move off the sun and ends the eclipse moment.

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