Nuclear test conducted by North Korea attracts flak from US, says will respond with Massive military

North Korea’s ignition of a sixth nuclear bomb has sent the ripples of anger to the US. Trump said if such a weapon is used for US and its allies then North Korea will encounter massive military response.  This has opened up questions for Trump regarding his strategy with North Korea. This has caused a rift with its major ally South Korea.

The underground blast carried out by North Korea was its most powerful with tremors felt in South Korea and China. Strategists believe that the blast was four to sixteen times more forceful and more destructive than the bombs dropped on Hiroshima and Nagasaki during the World War II.

Mr. Trump and his representatives had conversation with Japan’s Prime Minister Shinzo Abe over the phone and desire of liberal democrats to terminate North Korea’s energy supplies. Mr. Trump’s assistants acknowledged that they are facing a similar dilemma.

The Pentagon has devised a series of military strategies for selected strikes at North Korea’s nuclear and missile sites; Mr. Trump was informed that there was no guarantee that the US could demolish all of them instantaneously. Cyber strikes initiated by President Obama against the North’s missile program has also been rendered ineffective.

Mr. Trump expressed one paramount option. He said that US is planning to sever all trade with any country conducting business with North Korea. Such a policy would be equal to commanding the stoppage of any Chinese oil to North Korea and bring whatever industries are there to a halt.

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