Trump is anticipating phasing out DACA program although verdict is not finalized

President Trump is going to clear out the Obama era program that accords work permits to about 800,000 unauthorized immigrants transported to US as children. He plans to delay its end for six months so Congress will have the time to pass legislation to replace it. Trump plans could be malleable and thus change and he has yet not reached any decision.

Trump has been grappling over the future of the Deferred Action for Childhood Arrivals (DACA) program since he has been elected. He could change his mind over complex policy issues until he makes a public decision. Many unanswered questions remain about the implementation of the policy. Another concerning factor is how long after Trump’s announcement current DACA recipients would have to restart their guarded status.

Should Trump surge ahead with his decision he would be adequately buying time and placing the charge to Congress to decide the providence of the dreamers. There is a concurrent view among many of his leading mentors that the DACA program which President Barack Obama generated by executive action would not stand up in the court of law.

Attorney General Jeff Sessions, senior policy advisor Stephen Miller and lately departed Stephen K. Bannon have commended an uncompromising point of view with the President including ending DACA. Trump had vowed to end DACA during the campaign. However, he has expressed compassion for the program’s beneficiaries out of which many migrated from other countries to the young children and have passed majority of life there.

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