PSA screening for prostate cancer will safeguard lives

It has been a while now that there has been an uncertainty about the merit of screening men for prostate cancer. However, a new clinical trial suggests that when men aged between 55 and 70 get the prostate-specific antigen (PSA) test, the result is always positive.

In 2009 a New England Journal of Medicine editorialist superlatively called the debate over PSA testing for prostate cancer as a dispute that refused to die down. Simultaneously there were two clinical trials conducted, one in US and the other in Europe. These findings gathered two conflicting deductions on prostate cancer testing.

The US study called that Prostate, Lung, Colorectal, and Ovarian Cancer Screening (PLCO) Trial screening men for prostate cancer does not yield in positive results that is does not save lives. The European irregular study of screening for Prostate Cancer proposed that the screening reduced the rate of deaths from prostate cancer by 20%.

As per the new study conducted published in the Annals of Internal Medicine led by biostatistician Ruth Etzioni of Fred Hutchinson Cancer Research Center in Seattle propose that screening men over the age of 55 can purposefully lessen the risk for prostate cancer death. When the men meeting the specification for screening got the PSA test, it was found that minimizing of deaths due to prostate cancer was between 25% and 32%.

However, recently published investigation also indicates that the value of prostate cancer screening depends on the types of men you screen, where and how long do you carry out the trial and how you crunch the numbers.

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