Our drinking water is adulterated with tiny bits of plastic

According to a global survey, the people are consuming plastic through drinking water from their kitchen taps. Scientific research by Orb Media, a global non-profit newsroom based in Washington DC, in partnership with the Irish Independent revealed plastic contamination across the environment has come to light.

Around 159 samples of water were studied and investigated. It was found that micro plastics, fibers from clothing, and plastic threads were present in the drinking water pumped from public supplies. Researchers at the State University of New York and University of Minnesota discovered that microscopic synthetic fibers were found in 83pc of drinking water specimens seized from cities and towns across five continents, including tap water from the US Capitol Complex and the Trump Grill in New York.

This study is premiere to showcase plastic contamination in water and has caused panic as the human health may be at a risk. Professor Sherri Mason, a micro plastics researcher at the State University of New York who also conducted this research for Orb media stated that there was sufficient data by looking at wildlife and the influence it’s having on wildlife is something to be concerned about.

Research from the Environmental Protection Agency (EPA) and the Galway-Mayo Institute of Technology broadcasted in June that micro plastic is present in water and could be harmful to humans and animals. The research discovered that the main components causing the pollution were plastics manufacturing, landfill, septic tanks and urban wastewater treatment plants.

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