Now we are going to face a new kind of storm – a solar storm

Amidst the onslaught of Hurricane Harvey and Hurricane Irma, we should be ready to face another storm, this time from the Sun as it exudes huge amount of charged particles towards Earth. This could pose a minor or a major problem as the charged particles cloaked in the magnetic field and addressed as coronal mass ejection.

The Solar storm could damage the radio communications and plane flights according to Tamitha Skov, who supervises space weather. This is achieved by diverse spacecraft that keep a watch over the sun. It definitely will play a spoiler ham radio hobbyists by overloading the airwaves with noise. Skov also said that a heavy storm of long duration is expected. However, she subdued the fear of those who thought it might be on the possibly disastrous scale of 1859’s Carrington event.

Solar storms are generally calm due to the Earth’s protective magnetic field, but they could prove to be hazardous to modern living because they can cause destruction with continent-spanning electrical systems. A similar storm in 1989 had invalidated power in the Canadian province of Quebec leaving millions of people in dark for hours.

The US National Oceanographic and Atmospheric Administration (NOAA) enhanced its judgment to G3 a strong rating gravity. A G3 means electrical grid operatives may have to fidget with voltage and satellites may encounter direction and communication hitch. Powerful storms are more likely to create disorder for high frequency radio communications like the signals GPS satellites utilize to assist us in navigating with Google Maps on our phones.

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