Religious diversity in America is questioning the existence of white Christians

America is known for its religious diversity and is home to people of various races. The percentage of white Christians is declining consistently with 43 percent of Americans are white and Christian, and just 30 percent are white Protestants. The newer generation does not want to associate itself with any religion.

Appalachian and Midwestern states are controlled by white Christians as compared to the Sun Belt and West Coast states. Over 60 percent of inhabitants are of North Dakota, South Dakota, Iowa, Kentucky and West Virginia are white Christians. In California and Hawaii, less than a quarter of inhabitants are white Christians which translates into less than 40 percent of residents of Nevada, Arizona, New Mexico, Colorado, Texas and Florida. Less than 40 percent constitute white and Christians in New York, Maryland and New Jersey.

A survey conducted by the Public Religion Research Institute found that white Christians belong to middle age as compared to people of other religious faith which indicates decline in the coming years. Around 60 percent of white Catholics and Protestants are beyond 50 years of age.  The only Christian fraternity in which advocates are younger is Mormonism.

Muslim, Hindu and Buddhist Americans are comparatively younger than their Christian counterparts. The millennial age group considers itself to be unaffiliated towards any religious bracket. More than one third of those between the ages of 18 to 29 deny belonging to a specific religion.

Older generations have a cohesive religious identity. Those who are 65 years old and above, almost two thirds are white Christians. Among millennial, just under a quarter are white Christians.

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