Amazon is in search of another home: cities start to queuing up to apply

Amazon is seeking a second home after it burst out of its Seattle headquarters. The criteria are that the location should be primary, it should be close to traveling, and there should be an ample amount of space to grow. The company is willing to expend more than $5 billion to construct another headquarter in North America to enlist as many as 50,000 employees. Founder and CEO Jeff Bezos said that it would also continue staying in Seattle headquarters with the new space “a full equal” to that.

Amazon’s declaration accentuates the fact that the e – commerce colossus is enlarging and it requires finding new talent to stimulate growth. With the enticement of so many novel jobs, city and state heads are already lining up and are applying. Among them are Chicago, Philadelphia and Toronto.

In order to grow and expand there are certain requirements that Amazon abides by like it wants to be situated near a metropolitan area comprising of more than million people, they want to entice top technical talent, be within a range of 45 minutes of international airport, have undeviating admittance to mass transit, the expansion of the headquarters to 8 million square feet in the successive decade. That is similar to its existing home in Seattle which has 33 buildings, 23 restaurants and houses 40,000 employees.

Kevin Sharer, a corporate strategy professor at Harvard Business School said that they are expanding at such a rapid rate that they are running out of room.


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