Houston students are steering back – What they discover could alter schools nationwide

The employees of Wilson Montessori a public pre-K-8 school in Houston faces arduous task of tracing down members of community by text or accumulating donations for the needy and encouraging students about the fate of the school’s pets.

Belva Parrish, the counselor at Wilson and a 25-year veteran of Houston’s public schools said pet update on the school’s Facebook page was a manner in which schools could help students heal. She also said that stress originates from having no command over the situation. She also stated that bonding of students with each other, being in a place where students feel safe and the acknowledgement of having their voice heard will help them in longer run.

Harvey’s destruction caused the nation’s seventh-largest public school system, and schools around that province were massive. In the Houston Independent School District the damage was massive as the buildings were submerged in water. Houston public schools that are commencing from September 11th are being placed as a foundation of the retrieval effort. Superintendent Richard Carranza said that schools are pivotal to the recovery. Students are existent in all the cities.

Pioneers are situating public schools as a venue to address student’s physical, social and emotional requirements. This is in tandem with an advancing importance in regions across the country with a greater need of looking beyond the academics.

In its extent Hurricane Harvey is being compared with Hurricane Katrina that pounded New Orleans in 2005. But as far as education is concerned two cities are following two different roads post storm. During Katrina a plan was conceived to shut the New Orleans public schools for good. Seventy-five hundred public school employees were given pink slips and many people were Africans Americans who were long time settlers in the city.

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