E Cigarettes connected to escalated arterial stiffness, blood pressure and heart rate in humans

A recent study has shown for the first time that e-cigarettes with nicotine result in coagulating of the arteries in humans. This has significant inference for the use of e cigarettes as arterial stiffness is analogous to surge in risk of heart attacks and strokes later in life.

Bestowing the research at the European Respiratory Society International Congress today, Dr. Magnus Lundbäck said that the number of e cigarette users has doubled dangerously in the last few years. E Cigarette is supposed to be harmless according to general public. The e cigarette industry markets its product in such a way as to cause less harm to people and help them overcome the habit of smoking tobacco cigarettes. However, e cigarette as a safe option is being debated and expanding body of proof is suggesting many unfavorable health effects.

The results are preparatory but in this study it was found that there was a consequential in heart rate and blood pressure in the participants who were familiarized to e – cigarettes containing nicotine. Those who were taking nicotine were detected with Arterial stiffness that increased around three folds as compared to the nicotine free group.

Dr. Lundbäck (MD, PhD), who is a research leader and clinical registrar at the Danderyd University Hospital, Karolinska Institute, in Stockholm, Sweden, and his colleagues enlisted 15  youthful, blooming volunteers to take part in the study in 2016. The volunteers were habituated to smoking of ten cigarettes in a month that is not huge quantity. They had not smoked e cigarettes prior to the studies. The average age was 26, and 59% were female, 41% male. They were arbitrarily were given e cigarettes with nicotine for 30 minutes on one of the study days and e cigarettes with nicotine on the other day. The researchers checked arterial stiffness instantly after smoking the e cigarettes and then again some hours later.

In the first 30 minutes smoking e cigarette containing nicotine there was a noteworthy increase in blood pressure, heart rate and arterial stiffness whereas there was no such effect seen on the youngsters who smoked e cigarettes without nicotine.

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