Hurricane Irma to pound Florida peninsula through the night

Exceedingly menacing Hurricane Irma first hit into Florida Keys and then made a second landfall on Marco Island Florida’s west coast unbridled brutal wind squall up to 142 mph and outburst of flooding. The storm was trudging Florida’s west coast. The forecasters predict that this storm will be the worst in the US history.

In sometime storm’s most violent winds had passed northeast of Sarasota. The storm center was trudging north at 14 mph into the area between Tampa and Orlando. The Hurricane Center said that Hurricane force wind gale were quite feasible on the east coast of central Florida due to Irma’s large wind field.

Irma’s crest winds of 100 mph with higher gusts had dropped 30 mph from the morning causing it to be a Category 2 hurricane. Even with diminishing to continue as the storm passes over the land, Irma continues to be very grave and life threatening.  Coastal waters are expected to soar above normally dry land along Florida’s central Gulf Coast overwhelming homes, businesses and roads.

The storm’s severity has affected the entire state of Florida. These include detrimental winds, relentless rain, and also the risk of tornadoes. The hurricane and storm were forecast to spread into Florida Panhandle, eastern Alabama, much of Georgia and southern South Carolina.

In Central Florida Irma’s eyewall proceeded on the east side of Sarasota around 10 p.m. and should move between Tampa and Orlando through around 1 or 2 a.m., from south to north, initiating wind flurries between 75 and 100 mph right through the region. Once Irma’s center proceeds north of Tampa the seas will soar ensuing areas of coastal deluge.


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