Airports and ports open amidst the chaos by Hurricane Irma, expect delays

Fort Lauderdale-Hollywood International Airport was vacant. There were no lines as workers readied themselves to reopen for travelers at 4:00 AM Tuesday morning. This is the time to check the patience of South Floridians who had left their homes due to hurricane Irma. Now they want to return home to assess the damage the hurricane had caused.

Passengers from diverse cruise ships, whose reappearance to local seaports was delayed, will be intersecting on the airport to make associated flights home. The many car and truck owners who had exhausted hours in lines outside gas stations are apprehensive for the fuel to flow in massive proportions than before the storm.

Greg Meyer, a spokesman for the airport said that it would be a challenging task to get a seat booked for the hurricane survivors. Miami International Airport will resume its duties and reopen gradually on Tuesday whereas Palm Beach International Airport reopened on Monday afternoon.

Port Everglades will reopen for business on Tuesday. On the other hand three petroleum companies functioning at the Broward County port resumed their activities on Monday and some trucks started making gasoline deliveries to concerned retailers in the region.

According to the approximation by many petroleum companies at Port Everglades it had a reservoir of a four-day supply of gasoline, five days of diesel fuel, and five days of jet fuel. Broward Mayor Barbara Sharief said that the county had sufficient fuel supplies. However, the drivers are yet being asked to preserve gas as the procedure of restocking gas stations and turning on power all through South Florida commences.

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