Soon Coffee may be just a distant dream

The scientists said that coffee drinkers may soon have to give up on their habit of drinking coffee as changing climate could cut coffee growing areas of Latin America by 88% by 2050. Latin America is world’s largest coffee yielding province. The coffee growing regions in Asia and Africa may face the same future.

This prognosis is based on the soaring global temperature of 2.6 degree Celsius above pre-industrial levels by 2050. According to the 2015 Paris climate deal, almost 200 countries have promised to keep temperatures well below 2 degrees Celsius which can be achieved by imposing restrain upon planet warming greenhouse gas emission. However, the scientists feel that this mission cannot meet its target.

Taylor Ricketts, co-author of the study and director of the Gund Institute for Environment at the University of Vermont said that coffee is grown by 25 million farmers in more than 60 countries with 100 million people being employed in this sector where majority of them are rural poor.

Good quality coffee grows in mountainous areas in the tropics where it flourishes in the cooler atmosphere. As planet continues to warm up, coffee plantations will have to be relocated at a higher altitude thereby leaving less amount of land for cultivation.

Mr. Ricketts also said that the right way of cultivating coffee is really important so nature can be preserved and rural communities will be developed. Besides being everybody’s favorite thing to do in the morning it has these grave consequences.

Coffee producing areas are bounteous in plant species including to some distinctive to those regions. Changing climate may also have effect on biodiversity hot spots. The badly affected countries in Latin America will be Nicaragua, Honduras, and Venezuela.

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