Why should ex Googlers should conserve mom and pop stores


Local bodega is the most revered place for any local American. It has to be visited at least once in a day by the public out of the 14,000 local stores in New York City. This week many people are pondering on the values bodega is bringing to people’s lives. Bodega intents to sell rudimentary groceries through machines that will be positioned at apartment buildings, gyms and at other locations.

Melquis Garcia, 39, a bodega holder in the Bronx who has been associated with five stores with 12 year career in the industry said that he has been hearing incessantly about Bodega startup since the article published. But he is not perturbed about the company’s plan to derange the corner store industry.

Garcia says that Bodega’s devices won’t even have 10% of the merchandise he carries. He further adds that he has a unique bond with his customers that cannot be replaced by machines. Notwithstanding New Yorker’s empathy for bodegas, the inner details of these perpetual sources of late night snacks, emergency toilet paper, party supplies and other paraphernalia remains a riddle to most.

Garcia first garnered the idea to open a bodega from his mother. He had just graduated from college in 2004 and was striving to find a job. She was working in his Uncle’s store and recommended Garcia move from Massachusetts to New York so the two of them could initiate a bodega together.

So far Garcia is enjoying his business. He is able to support his family members like his mother and daughter. He says it entails hard work but they can make a good living out of it.

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