August’s recreated smart lock overstates superior battery life and reliability

In a crucial refresh of its smart home products, August has launched two new types of its smart lock including a cost effective redesigned model and a dexterous edition of its doorbell camera. The third generation of the August Smart Lock has been entirely renovated with a novel enlarged industrial design highlighting an actual thumb turn equated to the original round look.

It also swagger double the battery life of the second generation Smart Lock. August has appended a new feature called as Door Sense that can be placed to the lock that will tell if the door is locked or open. With DoorSense August’s Auto-Lock feature will lock the door once it’s closed making the smart lock user friendly. Prior to this auto lock functioned on a timer.

August also reduced the price of its smart lock lessening it from $229 to $149. It’s the second important smart home device maker to restructure and lessen the price of its chief smart home device after NEST brought the product into the market at a cheaper version for $169.

After experimenting with the new smart lock for a few days the modifications August has administered in the third generation product have made it considerably more attainable to individuals who may contemplate the smart home devices as a nuisance. August isn’t entirely going away from the circular design that caused the company to be a success. The indigenous design still remains on the new Smart Lock Pro.

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