Hurricane Maria batters Dominica with category 5 pummel

The probably calamitous Hurricane Maria the most powerful storm on record to make landfall in Dominica is pounding the Caribbean island, and is ready to invade he US territory of Puerto Rico. This will occur for the first time in 85 years

The National Hurricane Center declared that the record transcending winds reached 160 miles per hour when it slapped the island nation. Maria a category 5 storm entered Dominica and it was so dynamic that it ripped the roof of the house of the country’s leader.

Dominica Prime Minister Roosevelt Skerrit said in a Facebook post that he has lost the roof on his head and he is totally at mercy of the hurricane. Later he acknowledged the fact that he was rescued. Puerto Rico is Maria’s next target.

It is progressing towards the island as an exceptionally menacing major hurricane and a hurricane deterrent has been furnished for that island. Puerto Rico’s governor has announced a state of emergency ahead of that landfall.

US President Donald Trump declared an emergency for the US territory for federal assistance to expand the territory’s storm-response strategy. Hours prior to the landfall on Dominica Skerrit advocated citizens to carry any paraphernalia that could pose as a dangerous menacing projectile indoors.

Skerrit said in a televised speech that the next few hours were crucial and focus should be on cleansing the house and its surroundings rather than hoarding weeks of food and other contributions. He also said that this is not an everlasting phenomenon and therefore the goal must be not hoarding subsistence but on lessening the damage caused by flying objects.

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