Tech student head is shot dead by premise police in Georgia

The President of a gay and transgender student group was shot and killed by a campus police officer outside a Georgia Tech dormitory in Atlanta. A cellphone video shared extensively online showed the student who was apparently holding a knife shouting “shoot me” at the officers before one of them open fired.

Scout Schultz, 21, expired at the city hospital from a single gunshot gash corresponding to a statement by Georgia Bureau of Investigation, which is probing the disagreement. The killing that took place in front of the students in the dormitory directly raised questions why the campus police were so hasty to open fire.

The students called for a tranquil vigil for Schultz at Georgia Tech about 50 people walked to the campus Police Department, where they burnt a police car and inflicted wounds on two police officers. Three people were captured for instigating riots and thrashing of an officer. The students were requested to stay put in the dormitory because of the external violence.

The statement published earlier by the Bureau of Investigation pointed out Schultz as male. On the report of the website of the Georgia Tech Pride Alliance the student was discerned as “bisexual, non-binary, and intersex” and used the pronoun “they.” Intersex is an affliction in which an individual’s physical sex characteristics do not associate with archetypal perception of male and female.

Schultz had approached 911 to describe a dubious white male with long blonde hair in the premises. He was holding a knife and a gun. After the shooting, the police discovered three suicide notes in the student’s dorm room.

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