Around 149 people eradicated as forcible 7.1 earthquake pounds Central Mexico

A high powered earthquake shook central Mexico where homes were disintegrated as well as bridges across hundreds of miles eliminating at least 149 people. Thousands more escaped into the streets howling in a country that is still coming to terms with a ferocious seismic disturbance that hit less than two weeks ago.

The earthquake was making apartment blocks to waver violently in the center of Mexico City with the notable districts of El Centro and Roma, fragmenting balconies which led to appearance of enormous cracks on building facades.

The city was engulfed with anxiety and rescue vehicles rushed to the destroyed buildings and the neighbors played the part of heroic feats as rescuers. Almost 49 people have been reported killed and 44 buildings are gravely defaced in the capital alone. Ten other people died in the nearby state of Mexico, 55 across the state of Morelos, 32 in Puebla State and three in Guerrero state according to Luis Felipe Puente, head of the national Civil Defense agency.

The earthquake pounded on the anniversary of a 1985 quake which had terminated thousands of people and destroyed extensive parts of Mexico City a calamity that President Enrique Peña Nieto had honored earlier in the day. At 11:00 AM in the morning Julian Dominguez perceived alarms resonating in the neighborhood of Iztapalapa, part of a citywide drill to acknowledge the anniversary of the 8.0 magnitude quake. Schools and building were abandoned.

About two hours later he felt the tremors as the building started to tremble and alarms sounded again.  He further said that quake gained momentum really slowly, but in few seconds it was clear that this wasn’t a drill but an actual earthquake. The federal government announced a state of calamity and expedited 3,428 troops to the influenced areas.


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