Two successive hurricanes has got Puerto Rican astronaut concerned

Joe Acaba, the space station astronaut is struggling with onslaught of two hurricanes hitting the US. Harvey inundated his home in Houston and now his family’s homeland has wrecked by hurricane Maria. In an interview the astronaut belonging to Puerto Rica conveyed the message of safety and health to his family members and everybody else during the rage and fury of Hurricane Maria.

He said that his immediate and extended family resides in Puerto Rico and said he hoped that everybody is doing well and is taking good care of themselves. Acaba, an erstwhile teacher who appeared at the International Space Station said that he had not viewed the hurricane from space as yet.

Acaba, who is on his third spaceflight and his second visit to the space station said that it was difficult to believe but they are so engrossed in their work that they do not possess the time to look out of the window.

Acaba was located in Russia then when the storm flooded his home in Houston. Friends and colleagues offered a helping hand to yank out walls and drying up the house. He said that it was a relief that there were people at home taking care of me.

Mark Vande Hei a fellow astronaut said his home fared better than others as a result of the hurricane. He also said that being in space is a tough job especially when you know you need to help the folks back at home. But the help offered by the colleagues at the Johnson Space Center has been greatly cherished.

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