Melania Trump amplifying her program as First Lady

Melania Trump parades her position as the First Lady as she walks down the White House lawn to the vegetable garden which was made prominent by her predecessor. Dressed in a plaid shirt, her eyes covered by dark sunglasses, she addressed representatives of local Boys and Girls Club who had come to assist her in harvesting and planting new crops. One of them asked doubtfully, “Are you Melania Trump?” for which she answered, “Yes, I’m the first lady.”

As Mrs. Trump became more secure in her new role, she speaks about how she envisages utilizing that stage to assist needy children. She is venturing beyond cyber bullying. She had declared, in the Presidential campaign, that she would be taking up this issue if her Husband becomes the President. She hasn’t yet declared any ceremonial plan of action.

In a contemporary torrent of solitary public appearances from the United Nations to an International sports occurrence in Canada to the White House, Mrs. Trump has furnished clues about what she intends to do with her position and this role has put her in a spotlight that is far different the one she was used to as a fashion model.

The first lady invited the attendees at a UN luncheon last month to pose a positive example for children. She called on specialists and people distressed by drug addiction and opioid abuse involving a recuperated addict to the White House for an observation session. She reiterated that she would like to use the platform to help as many children possible.

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