Yonder the orbit of Neptune, a miniature planet has been discovered to have rings - Long Short Report

Yonder the orbit of Neptune, a miniature planet has been discovered to have rings

The number of ringed solar objects seems to be increasing in the outer realm of the solar system. The researchers divulged that the egg shaped miniature planet Haumea, one of the four notable minuscule planets that wreath the Sun from beyond the orbit of Neptune, is encompassed by a ring of substance round about 43 miles in width.

Whilst rings are well known around Saturn as well as Jupiter, Neptune and Uranus, this novel discovery depicts the third time, especially in the last few years that the scientists have explored and found a ring around a solar system item that is not a planet.

Amanda Sickafoose, an astronomer at MIT and the South African Astronomical Observatory in Cape Town said that the New Work printed in journal Nature recommends that ring systems in the outer solar system are quite common. She also reiterated that we can intercept supplemental ring associated discoveries in the future.

Haumea’s ring was discovered by an international team of astronomers operating on an ongoing program to designate Trans-Neptunian Objects or objects that are distant from the sun than Neptune.

Because these comparatively miniature bodies are eons away and are difficult to perceive them from even the most advanced telescope. Jose Ortiz of the Institute of Astrophysics of Andalusia in Spain said that it is regrettable that even with the most enormous telescopes on Earth, or the Hubble Space Telescope, we cannot see the details of Haumea, than a dot of light.

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