California fires have rendered many homeless where housing was already meager

The California fire gained momentum that led to killing of 35 people and many injured. Around 100,000 people have been evacuated and around 5,700 houses and buildings have been destroyed. This has been one of the implacable fires in California. Because of the displacement of thousands of people, there has been a shortage of houses available on rent. The rents were already quite high before the fire. Now after this tragedy complications of California housing, zoning and building directives, and the environmental obstacles involved in tidying up home sites made toxic by the ash from the fire.

Contrivance is the norm of the day. Ron Gove got in touch with his accountant after his house in Santa Rosa burned down. He wished that she would have all the paperwork and documents ready for his home based business. She instantly asserted that he relocated into her guest bedroom, where he has been staying for a week since. Everyone is making a compromise y putting up in a motel or staying with a friend. Some people have shifted their base to Oakland or San Francisco.

Matt Park, a school psychologist who lost his house in Santa Rosa said that this fire has affected every facet of the community’s life. He pointed out the fact that more than half the children in his daughter’s school were without a roof. Practically everyone starts restating the stories often with flames engulfing the house as they accumulated a few belongings incidentally into a vehicle and fled.


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