Most of the Caribbean is still functioning for cruises


Hurricanes Irma and Maria crushed through some islands in the Caribbean, but that has not affected the cruise itinerary. Almost 50 cruise ports all-round the territory was affected by little or no damage and continue to be open.  The four major ports that suffered, plan to reopen by late November.

The main ports that were seriously affected are St. Thomas and St. Croix in the U.S. Virgin Islands, St. Maarten and San Juan, Puerto Rico are presuming open by the end of November, said the Florida-Caribbean Cruise Association on a press call. The Caribbean is a huge area of more than a than a million square miles. It involves countries in Central America, such as Mexico, Belize and Honduras that are the leading cruise destinations. They were unblemished by Irma and Maria. In the Eastern Caribbean, some destinations were predominantly reprieved too like Jamaica, the Bahamas and Cuba. The Southern Caribbean, home to Curacao, Aruba, Barbados and others is still functioning for business.

However, some cruisers comprehend alternatively. Some tourists are presiding away from the region totally, deriving from the perception of region wide destruction deserted behind by a hurricane one-two punch. This augurs adverse news for cruise lines that do considerable part of their business in the region.

Michele Paige, president of the Florida-Caribbean Cruise Association said that a single cruise season engenders $2.4 billion for the Caribbean, 55,000 jobs and $842 million in wages. A single cruise call spawns about half a million dollars in economic impression.

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