Death account in wine country fires escalates to 41 as driver of water truck perishes in rollover mishap

The number of people died rose to 41 when the driver of the water tender truck expired in a rollover wreck while assisting to fight a succession of wild fires demolishing Northern California according to officials.

An independent contract driver was conveying a tank full of water to assist in battling the Nuns fire when a massive vehicle rolled over on Oakville Grade in Napa County terminating the driver. CHP Capt. Mike Palacio said that he driver was Good Samaritan doing the right thing. Regrettably we exactly do not know what happened.

Over a period of last week the fire has burnt more than 200,000 acres, demolished more than 5,500 homes, dislocated 100,000 people and eliminated at least 41. Cal Fire spokesman Daniel Berlant said that this has been an irreconcilable week that we have experienced here in California from wildfires.

Considering independently, the Tubbs fire is positioned third on the state’s list of implacable fires, affirming at least 22 lives. The Redwood fire, answerable for 8 deaths, ranks 10th. Soon the landmark juncture as the firefighters gained from the winds that were decrepit than expected to expand restraint on the fires even permitting some displaced back into their homes. Yet, more than 40,000 people prevail under clearance orders.

Berlant said that Firefighters were hoping to light winds but towering morning weather with low humidity could be a provocation for those fighting the fire.


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