The leading antivirus tools for Android


Android viruses are increasing but how much of a menace they are to enterprises and how can you counter fight them. AV-TEST’s Research from the AV-TEST Institute, a Germany-based independent service provider of IT security and antivirus research, displays that Android malware samples gathered have expanded extensively every year. In 2014, the aggregate was more than 326 million. The succeeding year the malware tally reached more than 470 million. In 2016, AV-TEST registered nearly 597.5 million samples—nearly two times the amount from two years earlier.

By 2019, mobile malware will entail about 33% of all malware reported in standard tests, up from 7.5 percent today, according to Gartner’s August 2017 Market Guide for Mobile Threat Defense Solutions. Nonetheless iOS gadgets are unsusceptible from malware. Dionisio Zumerle, research director at Gartner said that the mobile malware ultimatum is predominantly emanating from Android. The peril should be an apprehension for all organizations with Android users he said principally those with extensive fleet of Android gadgets or that are in advanced reliability verticals such as finance, healthcare, and government.

Android malware is undergoing changes leading to sophistication. Contemplate Double Locker Android ransom ware that IT security firm ESET recently discerned. Double Locker is proficient of redesigning a device’s PIN intercepting users from obtaining their devices. It can cipher the data on the device. Nick FitzGerald, senior research fellow at ESET said that Android security is enhancing, and the assortment of security applications accessible for the platform is robust. This indicates that the hackers are going to have a tough time clearing the set of hurdles to have an extremely victorious malware campaign.

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